Kolams, Rangolis and more...

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kolams: an Introduction

Kolam is basically drawn by joining dots or lines according to ones's imaginations. It is the traditional form of art, of India, especially down south, drawn on floor, every day in front of the house, or on special occassions such as birth day celebratons, wedding, house warming cerimonies etc. We use powders, chalk, soft rock powder and color dyes.

Drawing kolam requires, besides imagination, concentration and innovative mind to draw designs to capture the attention of beholders. Like golf it requires unison of mind body and soul to draw designs. The person who draws it is like a creator and not like a developer.

Using my vast experience from child hood, (still I learn and am interested in learing from the learned in this kind of art) I have developed a method for making even a newcomer start drawing kolams within a short while.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kolams, Rangolis and what's more?


I am Kaveri Ranganathan and this is my first blog. I am very passionate about drawing kolams. Since my school days, I've been drawing various types of kolams and have participated in many activities related to kolams, rangolis, design etc. I will use this blog to discuss ways of learning kolams, views on design, showcase some of my works and for similar useful purposes. I also intend starting a regular newsletter for those who wish to learn kolams.Feel free to post your comments here and I'll be happy to respond to these.