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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A full-scale 'festival' kolam that looks good in big halls and in front of puja rooms! Posted by Hello

Another 'border' design - simple and grand Posted by Hello

A 'border' design Posted by Hello

Some border and corner designs Posted by Hello

One of my kolams Posted by Hello

Some useful links on Kolams

Here are some sites I found while looking for Kolams.

1. Lakshmi Sarathy has put some good pages in SysIndia. There's a detailed description about what is Kolam and what does it signify. Check out one of Lakshmi Sarathy's Galleries.

2. Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies (IITS), University of Cologne has a page on 'Kolam'. There's a useful link 'Kolams of M. Gandhimati' that, though written in German, has a good lot of 'pulli kolams' with very intricate designs.

3. i-Kolam, an interactive Kolam site offers a good number of resources on 'do-it-yourself' simple, challenging and very complex Kolams.

4. Tamilnadu Electronic Library has some pages in Geocities, owned by K.Kalyanasundaram. He's tried to bring out the importance of what Kolams are and there are a good number of simple 'pulli kolam' designs in that page.

More about these later.

Got some links and resources on Kolams? Let me know.

Hosting pictures online

I've scanned some of my kolams scanned and wanted to host them in this blog. Unfortunately, all the picture hosting services seem to start charging after some point of time. So, I'm still looking for a free picture-hosting service from which I can link up these images to the blog.

Blogger suggests 'Flickr' but it seems to take eternity to load. Anyone aware of free hosting for pictures online that does not require the viewers to sign-up to see them? I've already tried Ofoto and Yahoo!